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  • "The trailer Red 14 made for my novel, "Savage Drift" is the best book trailer I've ever seen. It's a trailer that should have cost ten times what they charged me. I got emails of praise and delight and THANKS from the publicists and marketing people I work with at Macmillan. These guys really, really know what they're doing. Now my dearest hope is that when the movie gets made (and it's in the works) it looks as good as the trailer." -- Emmy Laybourne, author of "Monument 14: Savage Drift"
  • "Refreshingly easy to work with and their trailers speak for themselves. I know of no one else in the world creating trailers at their level, and don't plan to work with anyone else in the future." -- Michael Siemsen, author of "The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp"
  • “The team at Red 14 Films did phenomenal work on the book trailer for my new memoir - from development through the
    completed product. They understood the moods and nuances of my book and transferred these to the film. They’re a
    professional and hard-working bunch.” - Anthony Swofford, author of "Jarhead"
  • “Book trailers have become standard advertising tools for authors and publishers, and are ever more sophisticated. I love
    what Red 14 Films did for Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone. It's short, fast, visually stunning, and captures the
    novel's atmosphere perfectly.” – Stefan Kiesbye, author of "Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone"
  • "Working with the Red 14 team to make the trailer for my debut novel SACRED, forthcoming from Random House, was a
    magical experience. From the first, they understood my vision, and they matched my passion with theirs. The trailer they
    created is beautiful, heady, epic. It makes me want to buy the book!” - Elana K. Arnold, author of "Sacred"
  • "The creative and I mean Creative -- capital "C" creative -- team from Red14Films delivers above and beyond. Red14Films
    developed a raw, edgy approach, utilizing one of my characters to convey that what viewers are watching is a real and
    present danger. Risky? Yes. A success? Definitely." -- Gary Grossman, author of "Executive Command"
  • "Artistic. Cinematic. Interesting. Red 14 Films and their forward thinking staff have created a new art form -- Literary Short Films. This is just the beginning for this talented team of filmmakers." -- Deborah Henry, author of "The Whipping Club"
  • "I can't say enough good things about Red 14 Films. They are professional and easy to work with and have an intuitive
    sense of how to bring your book (whether it is fiction or nonfiction) alive on film. And they made sure I was thrilled with
    the final product, which I am! Thank you, Adam and Mike!" -- Kate Hopper, author of "Use Your Words."
  • "While there are poem-based feature films such as Beowulf, it was hard to imagine my book of prose poetry, Camouflage for
    the Neighborhood, being made into a book trailer. Red 14 Films did not disappoint—they crafted a smart, beautiful piece of
    cinematic art that mirrors the collage of images I had in mind when writing the poems." -- Lorene Delany

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